About Us

We serve small charities across East Asia; we are always looking for independent, adaptable people to give us a few months of their time

Reasons to Join

"It was an opportunity to form deep new friendships." (Eva)
"My time volunteering was more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I learnt so much about so many things and I can't wait to go back and visit all the amazing people I met and worked with." (Star)
"I ended up in a different project from the one I applied to. I loved it and the people I volunteered with." (Ashley)
"Volunteering here instills this sense of society in the pleasantest way and makes the school day feel more like a family reunion than a job." (Jamie)

Immediate Vacancies

All our positions are now full for summer 2023. If you are interested in volunteering in Malaysia in Spring or Summer 2024 please get in touch. There will also be volunteers needed in Mongolia next summer. Please see the pages for these projects or Contact Us for details!

6th August 2023

Ella recalls her time volunteering at Building Bridges Beyond Borders in the first half of 2023