Lotus Children’s Centre

Volunteers stay in Mongolian yurts ‘gers’ with other volunteers of the same sex but have access to showers. The gers are in the grounds of the children’s home in the heart of the Central Asian Steppe and about 45 minutes from the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Lotus welcomes volunteers to come for periods of 2 weeks to 2 months.

Lotus charges US$20 per day for accommodation and all food. However, those staying for 4 weeks (or more) will be charged just US$15 per day.

Volunteers are welcome to apply in pairs or slightly larger groups.

Look at the blogs of some of our previous volunteers below and discover what they loved – and what they found tough!

Longer Term Volunteering at Lotus

Apart from the summer volunteers, Lotus also takes volunteers during the winter months to work on specific projects. These volunteers are not expected to pay for accommodation and usually receive a small allowance.

Life in Mongolia is tough and its people are proud the descendants of Ghengis Khan who once ruled most of the known world (and whose DNA can be traced in most Europeans!)

The winters are harsh with average January temperatures at -30 degrees, the summers can be chilly in the evenings. It is a dry climate.

If you are interested find more information on their Facebook page and also at their website:

If you are interested in a summer position feel free to come back to us or go to Lotus directly.

If you would like to be considered for a longer term position please Contact Us.

Just Volunteers! News

3rd July 2020

Projects Opening up again in 2022!

The Building Bridges Beyond Borders programme in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is now opening up to international volunteers. The first people are arriving now and we will be looking for new volunteers to come to Malaysia in September. If you are interested please get in touch!

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Just Volunteers! News

28th September 2019

Harry and Rob cycled across the world to raise money for a solar project at Lotus

Below is Harry’s report of their stopover at Lotus itself last month Learn about their journey: We think its important to give you our loyal following and supporters a genuine warts-and-all appraisal of Lotus. A rose-tinted ‘Live Aid-esque’ money magnet advert will not give you the understanding of the real issues and dynamics at Lotus. […]

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Ruby Recounts Some of the Joys and Unexpected Events of Her First Week at Lotus

Ruby is taking a break from her acting career in the UK to help with running the summer camp in Mongolia this summer. These are some of her first impressions.……. I arrived on Children’s Day, a happy accident due to changed train timetables, and it couldn’t have been a more special introduction to Mongolia and […]

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Just Volunteers! News

7th April 2018

Mongolia…Volunteer in One of the World’s Most Exotic Countries!

The Ultimate Big Sky Country! Each summer, except 2020, The Lotus Children’s Centre looks for volunteers to help run activities with the children this summer at the home in Mongolia, one of the world’s least known and most under-populated countries. Perhaps you would like to consider this for NEXT SUMMER? (However, we may still take […]

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Sam reflects on a challenging but moving summer in Mongolia

Sam took a gap year after school and spent several months of it volunteering at Lotus, having raised money for them before he arrived…….. Mongolia is the type of country which can seriously test one’s own capabilities to live in such a different and unique environment. It is not like any other country I have […]

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Just Volunteers! News

10th November 2016

International Jewellery Designer Cherry Chau visits Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia

Earlier this month Cherry Chau visited Lotus and spent a weekend teaching the children the art of decorative felting…….. First the wool Lots of Colour Lots of patient attention And after the classes, time to go out and play!

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Star volunteered in Mongolia

  Star graduated from Cambridge in 2015 and headed for Lotus in Mongolia for 6 weeks…. Lessons Learned at Lotus Orphanage If you have any doubts about volunteering at Lotus for any reason, put that away to the back of your mind. To quote the eternal Sneaker wisdom of multinational corporation Nike, “Just do it […]

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Gary volunteers in Mongolia

Gary, a quantity surveyor from Scotland gave up his job and moved to Mongolia Coming to Mongolia I  came to Lotus Children’s Centre to volunteer for one year. It was quite a big career change for me as I quit my steady job in Scotland and decided to come to an orphanage in Mongolia, never […]

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