Just Volunteers! was established in 2009 by Josephine Chesterton who has worked in East Asia for nearly forty years, in banking, academia and most recently in the NGO world. We work with small independent charities in China (including Hong Kong), Malaysia and Mongolia. In some cases we just find short-term, full-time volunteers who work for our partner organizations. In others we have joint projects.

  • We serve the disadvantaged, from refugees to abandoned or underprivileged children and young offenders
  • Our work involves teaching and mentoring children and young people
  • Most assignments are 3 months, some are longer, some just a few weeks
  • Most projects provide free accommodation and food allowances
  • We can attest to the integrity of all the organizations we work with
  • We charge no fees
  • Interested candidates should check individual projects

Stretch Yourself - Try something new

After a busy week with the children in Kuala Lumpur Ella goes hiking in the jungle with Miza!