Would I be suitable?

24 Jan 2020

Successful volunteers……..

  • Have a wish for adventure;
  • Are independent and able to cope without the immediate physical support of family and friends;
  • Are able to get on with others, including those from very different backgrounds;
  • Are interested in learning about other cultures;
  • Are flexible and interested in trying new experiences and able to be flexible about things like food!
  • Are REALLY interested in helping others;
  • Willing to try and communicate even when there is a language barrier;
  • Are self disciplined and committed, because these projects are doing serious work for the children and young people they are helping. They need their volunteers to provide support and not to need too much of it!

Our volunteers come from almost all backgrounds including: American, Australian, British, Caribbean, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Ghanaian, Indian, Malaysian, New Zealand, Nigerian, Pakistani, Singaporean, Somali, Sri Lankan. However, due to visa constraints not all passports can be accepted.

While most volunteers are international, every year we place a few volunteers in their own country!