How Much Does It Cost?

18 Feb 2020

There are NO fees of any kind charged by Just Volunteers! or other charities we work with.

Projects provide free accommodation and cover most food costs. (However, not for the shortest volunteering periods. Lotus charges about US$20 per day for food and lodging for those volunteering for 3-8 weeks over the summer. At GETCH volunteers pay for their own hotel rooms.)

Volunteers pay their own airfare to the country

All volunteers must buy their own insurance and pay the cost of the criminal background checks and vaccinations.

Other costs depend on the country. In most places volunteers will spend between GBP 150 to 300 per month depending on their own tastes and interests.

Volunteers should also consider how much local travel they wish to do after their assignment (or over weekends).


remember that while we are looking for your talent and not your money, many of the projects we work with are desperately short of funding and many of our volunteers raise money for their projects after they go home.

We encourage everyone to consider doing this!