Latest update from the Refugee School in Kuala Lumpur

BBBB, Building Bridges Beyond Borders (Malaysia), Just Volunteers! News, Projects 3 Jul 2020

On Wednesday 1st July the kindergarten and nursery classes began again at the school with a total of 15 children turning up.

Some of the children did not come due to fear among the families, however we are pleased that no one in the community has caught the virus. Most families still do not have anyone back in work.

The children who came were happy to be back and Dr Saradha went to the school to make sure that all safety procedures were being followed.

The classes that our volunteers work with are not back in school yet.

See below pictures from this week!

Waiting for their friends to arrive!
Myanmar teachers cleaning the classroom ready for the children
The first day in many months for kindergarten!
Getting used to masks AND social distancing!
But you have to remove your mask to enjoy your snack!