Update on Developments at the Refugee School in KL

BBBB, Building Bridges Beyond Borders (Malaysia), Just Volunteers! News 25 Jun 2020

Again, we would like to thank all those who have helped this community in their hour of particular need !

Fam, the school Head (L), with one of the parents collecting the weekly rations and Pastor James the founder of the school and friend to the Myanmar community

The community seem to be keeping in good spirits although the school management estimate that fewer than 15% of them have got their jobs back. Very understandably, the first jobs to open up are going to local workers. However, they remain hopeful that with the gradual easing of restrictions and opening in the economy things may look more positive soon.

One of the younger siblings with her mum

With a marked decline in cases of Covid 19 across Malaysia the government has announced the restricted opening of government schools over the next few weeks (including kindergartens, O level and A level students). Other classes are being taught online. However, as our students do not have access to the internet or computers at home we cannot begin anything like this for them until the children are allowed physically back in school — which we expect to be before overseas volunteers can return, although local volunteers would be involved on the ground.

However, our kindergarten will be permitted to open on July 1st. Dr Saradha will be meeting the school management before that to ensure that everyone understands the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ which the government requires to keep everyone safe. These classes are not taught in English and our volunteers, therefore, are not involved with teaching this age group.

We will be waiting for further guidance from the Malaysian government on school and ‘tutorial centre’ opening (we are considered to fall into the latter category) and will proceed accordingly.

In the meantime, we are hoping to arrange a delivery of chickens for the families over the next few days as a nice change after the weeks of eggs, vegetables and rice!

We will update news soon!