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Mother’s Choice

Volunteers help with the bathing, dressing and feeding of the babies but are also responsible for taking them to the park, playing with them, talking to them in English, arranging singing sessions or playing music; anything that can enhance their experience and make them feel well cared for and loved.

It is important that the children learn to interact with adults and receive stimulation so that they do not become ‘institutionalized’ and therefore be less likely to integrate well into their ultimate families. It is this loving nurturing care which promotes the well-being of the children and ensures that they form healthy attachments for long-term relationship development. Mother’s Choice consider that providing hope is on of their core values!

Most of the children are very young but some with special needs will be up to 6 years old.

There are also opportunities for those wishing to use other skills such as IT specialists, marketing or fundraising specialists as well as others.

Volunteers work just over 40 hours per week. There are always local professional staff on duty with volunteers. The Mother’s Choice ‘Baby Home’ where volunteers work is a pleasant 15 minute walk from the building in which volunteers live.

The management of Mother’s Choice will conduct final interviews for all candidates and gives a full briefing on responsibilities after arrival.

For more information see their website www.motherschoice.org

See specifically their job descriptions on :


And then contact us to apply

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Mother’s Choice (Hong Kong)

17th September 2013

Jessie volunteered in Hong Kong

Jessie graduated with a BSc in Anthropology from Brunel University in 2015 and took a year out during her degree course to volunteer  in HK My name is Jessie  and I gained work through Just Volunteers! as a full-time volunteer at Mother’s Choice, Hong Kong. I believe great experiences occur when you immerse yourself in the experience, […]

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