What Do Just Volunteers Do?

The projects and their needs

(Remember to look at the ‘Blogs’ to learn more about past volunteers’  experiences)

General Points

  • We help find volunteers for small charities in China (including HK), Malaysia and Mongolia. (Go to ‘The Projects We Work With’ page to see the full list).
  • All projects require a minimum volunteering period.
  • The shortest volunteering period is one month:
    • Guangzhou summer camp – where basic spoken Mandarin is required (ideal for undergraduates studying Chinese.)
    • Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia – where short term volunteers pay for their own accommodation.
  • Most projects need people for  10-12 weeks (Mothers Choice in HK requires 8-12 months, SPICE in Hong Kong requires 7 weeks).
  • The work available varies but tends to be mentoring and coaching of young people, teaching English and other basic subjects and helping to run summer camps.
  • Before the assignment each volunteer will be briefed on their responsibilities.
  • Most projects are happy to appoint volunteers in twos to provide mutual support (but each volunteer must be interviewed and accepted in their own right).
  • On days off and in the evenings there will generally be opportunities to explore locally and go out and have fun.