What do Just Volunteers do?

The projects and their needs

General Points

  • We help find volunteers for small charities in China (including HK), Malaysia and Mongolia.
  • All projects require a minimum volunteering period. The shortest is one month (Guangzhou summer camp) but most need people for  8- 12 weeks and some longer (Mothers Choice in HK requires 8-12 months).
  • The work available varies but tends to be teaching English, teaching basic life skills –cooking, book keeping etc., and working with young children. Before beginning their assignment each volunteer will know what their responsibilities are to be (although not always the details of their daily routine).
  • Some  projects are happy to appoint volunteers in twos to provide mutual support (but each volunteer must be interviewed and accepted in their own right).
  • On days off and in the evenings there will generally be opportunities to explore locally and go out and have fun. However, in the summer camp in Mongolia the volunteers will need to make their own fun in the camp.