A Volunteer Shares her Photos from a Return Trip to Malaysia

Most volunteers in Kuala Lumpur say they enjoy their assignment. And several have returned more than once but Alexia holds the record for the most return trips to the Myanmar refugee school (although Mike and Emma put in the longest time). She recently sent us some pictures.

Alexia with some of the teenagers at the school. Many have now left to help earn money to support their families, a sad but understandable decision.

Below, with the programme coordinator, on an outing with the children. Our coordinator is always keen to broaden the horizons of the children beyond their immediate surroundings.

In the local playground with the children. There is no outside area at the school so this is an important place for the children to be able to run around.


Volunteers and local Myanmar teachers socialize after school hours.

Children between classes.

The children manage to make their situation fun regardless of their limited opportunities and often grim personal situations…..

Sport and music really help. Here our football team poses. They might not win any big matches but they are proud of their team nonetheless!And jamming sessions after class are always popular!

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