The Projects We Work With

Particular Project Needs as of December 2018

Volunteers needed in Malaysia at the Building Bridges Project to work with Myanmar Refugee children and others in local homes, starting early in the year. (See list below and contact us for further details. We will be interviewing this month.)

Volunteers needed in Hong Kong next summer, running English summer camps for local disadvantaged children (SPICE programme – See list below and contact us for  further details. We will interview at the end of January.)

Remember to look at the ‘Blogs’ to learn more about past volunteers’  experiences. ALL the projects below will be needing  volunteers in 2019.


If you would like to…

  • …Volunteer in East Asia and actually make a difference;
  • If you are independent enough not to need an agency (which charges fees);
  • If you would like to really find out about life in Malaysia, Mongolia, mainland China or Hong Kong;
  • This may be YOUR chance of a lifetime!

How we can help …

  • We introduce suitable candidates to one of the organizations we work with.
  • We can attest to the integrity of these organizations and their work.
  • We interview potential volunteers on Skype, check references and require criminal background checks.
  • If you appear to be a good fit we introduce you to the relevant organization.
  • If they are happy to accept you, you are all set!
  • We will then brief you on what to expect.
  • We receive no fees at all and simply let you pay your own costs (all the organizations provide free accommodation except for the summer camp at Lotus in Mongolia).
  • Most projects encourage people to volunteer in pairs if they wish.

 The Projects

IF you would like to consider volunteering for one of the organizations listed below please get in touch with us.

Even if they have their own website please DO NOT contact them directly (English speaking staff are rare and overworked)! Remember we charge no fees so by contacting them directly you are wasting their time and not benefiting yourself.

‘Building Bridges Beyond Borders’ (BBBB programme) A collaboration between Soroptimists International Damansara (Malaysia)  and Just Volunteers!

A programme to help improve literacy, spoken English and self confidence, for Myanmar refugees in an informal refugee school and underprivileged local children living in orphanages.  Most of our volunteers are needed to work with the Myanmar refugee children. BBBB needs enthusiastic volunteers who want to make a difference in these children’s lives ( 10 weeks to 3 months).
There is no specific website for this project. For more detailed information please contact us directly via the link below.

Guangzhou English Teaching Centre for the Handicapped (Guangzhou, China)

Provides English courses for the physically handicapped in this exciting Chinese port city. They are looking for volunteers to help run their summer camp for disabled young people from across China. At present their main interest is in volunteers who speak some Mandarin Chinese (about 4 weeks, mainly in July). Go to  For more information please contact us directly via the link below.

Lotus Children’s Centre (Mongolia)

In Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, Lotus provides a home and education for abandoned and orphaned children. They are looking for motivated volunteers to help run their summer camp and also teachers of English and any vocational skills (2 weeks to 2 months). For the really adventurous they sometimes also accept volunteers in the winter! And occasionally they require administrative staff who would stay for a year….or more. Go to for information, then contact us directly via the link below.

Mother’s Choice (Hong Kong)

In the centre of Hong Kong, has an orphanage for children who are to be adopted. Responsible volunteers needed to help care for and stimulate the young children – always working with professionals. (9-12 months). The terms are good but the working week is 44 hours. Go to for information, then contact us directly via the link below.

New Hope Foster Home (Beijing, China)

In a quiet area just outside Beijing, cares for abandoned children with disabilities. They provide medical care and arrange for operations for those who need them. Responsible Volunteers are needed to help run a kindergarten. (6-8 weeks  minimum) Go to for information,  then contact us directly via the link below.

SPICE Programme (Hong Kong) A collaboration between Chinese YMCA of HK and Just Volunteers! Sponsored by Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation

Every July and August (total about 7 weeks) we run 3 English ‘summer camps’  for disadvantaged children in HK. We require overseas volunteers  to work with local undergraduates running these fun, confidence building English programmes. Undergraduates (or immediate past graduates) of UK universities are given priority in this programme. There is no specific website for this project. For more detailed information please contact us directly via the link below.

Interested? Have questions? Want to discuss next steps?

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