Volunteers arriving for the summer

JV bbbb lighthouse 2014 sweetSummer is the busiest time at Just Volunteers!


We have volunteers going to Mongolia to help run the Lotus summer camp there. This programme takes volunteers  3 or 4 weeks.  The camp is just outside Ulaan Baatar, the capital, but volunteers stay in yurts and experience the great outdoors.

The summer volunteers in Malaysia will be arriving after the school holidays there finish in mid June.

In Guangzhou we will be taking a couple of Mandarin speaking volunteers to help run a short summer camp for physically disabled young adults. The people who seem to enjoy this most are the non Chinese students studying Chinese at university because it is a rare chance to get really involved in local activities.

The SPICE Programme 2016 in Hong Kong  will be starting in June. This programme is placing 6 native speaking volunteers from Leeds University in the UK with interns at City University of HK to teach a summer programme for disadvantaged local children.

We are still looking for volunteers for some positions in September!

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