This month we will be interviewing candidates to volunteer in Hong Kong next summer

We are looking for undergraduates, or recent graduates, of British universities to volunteer in SPICE, an innovative English summer camp for disadvantaged children in Hong Kong next summer (7 weeks from July 1st).

 Volunteers  pay their own airfares to Hong Kong but pleasant, air conditioned accommodation is provided free of charge – shared rooms, swimming pool on site, open playing fields, near the sea and 5 minutes walk to the MTR (HK’s underground system). An allowance is provided for meals as well as local commuting costs.

 The volunteers will work with 10 undergraduates from the English Department of the City University of Hong Kong (City U) teaching 10 – 12 year olds using English language games, competitions, arts and crafts, sports and outings (no grammar classes).

For further information or to apply please contact us! Also, see blogs of volunteers in 2018 and earlier programmes.


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