If you are taking a gap year, between jobs, are able to take a few weeks off work or on summer vacation from university and would enjoy doing something really worthwhile, then perhaps you should consider this!

Who are Just Volunteers?

Just Volunteers (JV) is run by Josephine Chesterton who has worked for over 30 years in China and Hong Kong both in banking and academia… [Read More…]

What do Just Volunteers do?

We help find volunteers for small charities in China (including HK), Malaysia and Mongolia. Generally they require a minimum volunteering period of 10 to 12 weeks some accept shorter periods… [Read More…]


Interested in doing something this summer?

The following programmes are still interested in volunteers

If you are interested in any of these projects please see the relevant project page and then contact us

The Summer Camp at Lotus in Mongolia They take people for periods as short as 2 weeks. They have a modest charge for room and board

The Hmong village school in Northeast Vietnam This programme is run by an impressive local woman who provides accommodation and support to volunteers. The project has not yet been visited and approved by JV. (This is scheduled for autumn 2019) However, there is a blog from one of our volunteers who helped there.

The GETCH English summer camp in Guangzhou Just 2 weeks in second half of July. Basic spoken Mandarin is required (perfect for those studying Chinese.)